Jennifer Morrell
Focusing on Georgia's Children

For many years now, businessmen, politicians and educators have focused on how to grow Georgia economically. We vie for white-collar jobs and high-tech companies, and we yearn to make Georgia a place where adults want to live.

We set high standards for medicine in Georgia, too. Our Peach State is known for its efforts and successes in the area of life sciences. Intense research occurs daily at universities and government organizations throughout the state. Top-notch doctors are available to save lives, instill hope and perform miracles for sick people from middle Georgia to the Golden Isles and the north Georgia mountains.

While we struggle daily to attract the best individuals and companies to Georgia in an effort to make today - and tomorrow - better, we may need to cast our glances to those who stand only knee high: our children. Any way you slice it, our children are the future of Georgia. In 20 years, they'll be leading our state in varying roles. Providing them with the medical and emotional treatment and support they need is paramount.

In this issue, you'll meet Dr. Jay Berkelhamer, whose interest in growing healthcare for Georgia's children is evident in everything he does (p. 12). As a medical executive moving Children's Healthcare of Atlanta forward, and the newly elected leader of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Berkelhamer is an enormous asset to our children and our state.

In other parts of the state, doctors make a difference for children through fundraising and volunteerism (p. 18). Macon resident Dr. Thomas Jones and his wife, Elizabeth, hold an annual camp in Eatonton for kids with diabetes. The nature of the camp Little Shot is not only to ensure insulin is injected at the right time and menus contain the right mix of food. It's about teaching kids to live with diabetes and embrace their special circumstance by taking care of their bodies and understanding they are capable of living normal, happy lives.

As I have written on many occasions, we Georgians are lucky to live on a medical front that has vision, drive, talent and sincere will to take healthcare for children and adults to the next level.

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